Monday, September 26, 2016

Follow the Prophet!!

Hello Everyone!

This week has been great! Sister Mattinson and I have been working
super hard! I love sister Mattinson!! She is from Salt Lake City, and
has been out on her mission ten months. She is such an answer to
prayer and is teaching me so much. We have been setting a lot of
goals, and I know with the help of the lord as we work hard we will be
able to reach them!

This week has been full of finding!! Due to some unsafe areas in our
boundaries... We have changed areas with the elders in our ward..
Which makes things quite interesting. But it's been fun to relearn the
area! Yay! We have contacted a lot of people and received a whole ton
of referrals so this next week should be a busy one. Sister Mattinson
and I are working a lot on reactivation! Elder grow said when he came
to our mission, "if you want to baptize more, reactivate more!" So we
are focusing in a lot on that And have found quite a bit of success.
Cool experience. We both felt prompted to go visit a woman in our ward
who has been less active for a while. We stopped by and she was home
and invited us in. Turns out her family had been going through a
really hard time, and she knew that God would reach out to her through
the missionaries. She was super friendly and invited us back next
week. We have witnessed so many miracles like that... Where God is
literally opening the hearts of his children to receive this gospel. I
can't deny the hand of God in this work!

Deborah is progressing very well! She received a priesthood blessing
on Sunday and that was a special experience. Unfortunately due to some
family circumstances she wants to move her baptismal date to October
22 so that her family can be there. Which will be awesome to have them
their to support! I love Deborah so much... Her faith amazes me each
day! She is very excited for general conference! I know it will be a
powerful experience for her.

Speaking of general conference.. I have been studying about prophets
lately! I recently just finished helaman and I am now studying the
beginning of 3 nephi. It is so interesting to me to study the history
of the people and be able to relate it to our day. At this time in the
book or Mormon the people who believe in Jesus Christ and his coming
are mocked and ridiculed for their faith and their belief in the
prophecies of the prophets. The fulfillment of prophecy.. 3 nephi 1:
20 "And it came to pass, yea all things, every whit, according to the
words of the prophets." The people who where righteous and obeyed were
aware and prepared for what would happen.
The protest and dislike against the prophet (church) is nothing new.
As a matter of fact, it is further confirmation that this is gods
restored church on earth today. What is so comforting to me is that
the lord never allows his faithful children to wander or stray in
darkness... He loves them so much. As long as we are faithful to him
and turn to him for guidance he will always provide a way. The lord
has blessed us with a living prophet on earth today. The prophet
receives guidance and direction from Jesus Christ to help us stay
safe. In our day today it is not so much a safety from "physical"
destruction like In times of the Book of Mormon... But moreover the
guidance and protection we receive is from "SPIRITUAL" destruction.
EVERYDAY... The daily choices we make have a huge impact on our lives
and who we are becoming. In our day the lord has not left us without
guidance and protection. Just imagine.. If you were living in ancient
times and fighting a battle... Would you stray from the teachings of
your faithful leader who was to lead and guide you to safety? NO. of
course not. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to listen and
heed to the counsel of the Prophet and his apostles. It is not
something to be taken for granted!! Prepare spiritually to know the
things that you need to do to help increase your spiritual commitment
to God so that you may be protected from the influence of the
adversary. I encourage each of you to prepare for the opportunity we
have to listen to the words of the prophet and apostles this weekend!!

I love you all, and appreciate you prayers and support! Have a great week!!

Sister Parke
Goodbye Sister Quezada!
Hello Sister Mattinson!

Yes i still love veggies. A lot of them!

Goodbye party for Sister Quezada!

We love Deborah!

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