Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall is Here

Hello Everyone!

Fall is definitely here! The weather is definitely is getting colder..
Had to pull out my winter tights this week. The dreaded day of a
sister missionary has come! Haha. Things are going great here in
Chicago Heights! What a great weekend it was to listen to the leaders
of the church. I loved every minute and received answers to many
prayers! I hope each of you did as well! If you haven't had the
opportunity to watch it or listen... Make it a priority!!

General conference was like icing on the cake! We had a great
productive week! We got a new investigator named David he just moved
here from the Mesa, Arizona area and is interested in the LDS faith.
He was invited to attend services by coworkers but family prevented
it. We were able to have an incredible lesson with him and give him a
church tour. He was very receptive to the Book of Mormon and is
interested in coming to general conference this weekend! Please pray
for David that he will continue on his journey to learning more!
Deborah is doing great and is progressing very well. She is
reading/studying anything she can get her hands on. Especially the
Book of Mormon, at our scripture class this week she said, "the Book
of Mormon is filling my spirit, it's letting me know this doctrine is
true. It fits like a glove. Helps me understand what I should be
doing." It was so powerful!!  She has incredible faith in Jesus Christ
and has such a strong desire to do what is right. This week she
randomly called us before we even talked about tithing and fast
offerings and she said... "Who do I need to pay my tithing to.. I need
to do that before I get baptized!" She is so prepared. Please continue
to pray for Deborah that she will be strong when preparing for
baptism! Deborah has made best friends with members of our ward and
they decided to get together and make "Soul food" for us. Greens and
beans with cornbread. They are bringing some southern food to the
northern missionaries! Kept thinking of my sweet brother Elder Parke
down there in Georgia. It was really good.. They made us eat a whole
lot of it!

This week I have really gained a strong testimony of fasting and
prayer. I know that we can receive answers to our prayers and that
Heavenly Father is very aware of the desires of our hearts. When we
pour our hearts out to him in deep and sincere prayer we can always
receive an answer. I loved all of the Saturday morning conference
talks about prayer. It truly is the way that we communicate with our
Father in Heaven. Having a personal relationship with him... He leads
and guides us and helps us to become who he needs us to become!

I hope you all have a great week! Thank you for all of your thoughts
and prayers! I appreciate you love and support!!

Sister Rachel Parke
It's raining again!

Sister Mattinson and I

Love the little kids here!

Southern feast at Deborah's house

Now that's a gourd!

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