Monday, October 10, 2016

The Plan

Hello familia and friends!

Things are going well here in the heights! This week has been full of
random miracles!  Too many to write.. But I will share a few!! On
Tuesday We had about 30 minutes left of our day so we decided to head
to Walmart to find some people to teach! So... We get there and there
is literally no one there... Probably because it's a sketchy Walmart..
But it's fine. Anyways I we both felt like we needed to talk to one
more person before we left. We walked up to a man and started talking
with him... He was from Mexico and his mom is a member of the church
there. He said just last week he was talking to his mom and she had
told him to look for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!
He said he tried but couldn't find it.. and that he felt that God sent
us to him to help him. Wow, it was a super cool experience!
On Saturday night we prayed to know where to go and felt prompted to
stop by a house. As we pulled up the door was open but the screen door
was closed. We walked up to the house and there was a woman standing
there. We introduced ourselves and she invited us in. She told us that
we could not have come at a more perfect time, because that whole day
she had been praying to know what the whole purpose of life is. We
introduced her to the Book of Mormon and read a verse of scripture
with her.. We felt prompted to share with her dieter f uchtdorfs talk
from this last general conference "O How Great The Plan of Our God" it
was an incredible and powerful experience. The spirit was there and I
can testify that God knows and loves his children!
On Sunday we had a lesson with Deborah and the bishop. It was AMAZING.
We talked all about the priesthood and organization of the church and
Deborah was just soaking it all in! My testimony of the restored
priesthood authority and organization of the church grew 10xs that
day! The timing is absolutely perfect with general conference... She
has been going through and rewatching all of general conference and
I'm pretty sure she is MOTAB's new number one fan!! Haha it is quite
hilarious. Oh my goodness I love this woman with all of my heart! She
is so incredibly prepared and has finally found the truth she has been
looking for. In sacrament meeting she got up and bore pher testimony
of the Book of Mormon and how she knows it is true... Because she
asked God and through the Holy Ghost she felt confirming witness!! It
was one of the most spiritual moments of my mission! I couldn't stop
smiling or crying!! I am so happy for Deborah! I can't wait for her
We also met with David this week and had a great lesson with our new
ward mission leader and another member of the ward. He is progressing
well! He has been reading from the Book of Mormon and has committed to
come to church next week. We taught him the plan of salvation and it
was a neat opportunity to teach and testify of gods plan for his
children! Speaking of the plan of salvation, I have been studying up a
lot this week on God's plan for all of his children. I feel that my
testimony has been strengthened and I have gained a deeper
understanding of the plan and how central the role of the savior Jesus
Christ is to the plan. Everyone here on the earth chose this plan...
And chose to follow Jesus Christ. So many of the talks given in
general conference were centered upon Gods divine plan and how we can
make it back to live with our loving Heavenly Father. I love love love
the talk President Uchtdorf gave this conference. Especially when he
said, "Our beloved Father simply asks that we live by the truth we
have received and that we follow the path He has provided. Therefore,
let us take courage and trust in the guidance of the Spirit. Let us in
word and in deed share with our fellowmen the amazing and
awe-inspiring message of God’s plan of happiness. May our motive be
our love for God and for His children, for they are our brothers and
sisters. This is the beginning of what we can do in return for so
much." I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows and
understands each of his children individually. The gospel of Jesus
Christ is never changes... It is constant. Faith. Repentance. Baptism.
Holy Ghost.! The principles have been the same since the beginning! I
love how simple Gods plan is.
ahh, what else? Hmm. Visiting teaching has also been a little bit of a
struggle in the Chicago heights ward so we working on helping the
sisters get their visiting teaching done. We have especially been
trying to focus on how to help the members strengthen their
testimonies. This Saturday we will be having a visiting teaching
conference at our relief society presidents house. We are hoping for a
good turn out with that!
Well folks. Happy October. Enjoy the nice fall weather. Winter will be
here before you know it! Have a great week! Thanks for all your love
and support!!! ❤️
Sister Parke

Deborah at Church with me!

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