Monday, September 19, 2016

Golden Investigator

Hello Everyone!

Transfers this week... Unfortunately I won't get to keep sister
Quezada here with me. Very sad day... I love this girl with all my
heart!!! It is bittersweet, I am so excited for her and her new
journey! She is going to start her mission papers when she gets home.
BUT. SUCH HAPPY NEWS. I will be receiving sister Mattenson who is an
absolutely incredible missionary. I know the Lord has lots of work for
us to do and I am so ready to get out there and WORK HARD laboring in
the lords vineyard. I am ready to yolk myself together with my new
companion and the Lord. I know it will be powerful.. The lord is sure
mindful of his children in this area. There are so many miracles each

This week has been a great one. Some really good news!! We have a
senior missionary couple from manti Utah coming to our ward! We met
with them this week and toured them around the area and filled them in
on the ward. They are SUCH A BLESSING. Things are really looking up
here in Chicago heights as we go about pruning the vineyard! God keeps
sending us little miracles along the way. Our new ward mission leader
is doing such a great job and we are really getting down to business
at tackling this area... day by day.. Little by little... Buuuut it's
a work in progress.

As far as investigators go... We dropped most of them. Albert
apparently was sick and in the hospital.. (Oh dear) so we got back in
contact with him and will be meeting with him this week. We met with
Josefina this week, and had a good lesson.. Trouble is she loves her
church that she attends now and isn't willing to leave... So we are
working on strengthening her testimony of the Book of Mormon. Buuuuut.
The happiest news of all...... Deborah has set a baptismal date for
October 15th. We had an unforgettable lesson with her this week. We
taught her the plan of salvation and it was incredibly powerful. We
talked a lot about temples and how she would have the opportunity to
be baptized for her ancestors. Wow. It was such an enlightening moment
for her. She is so dedicated to reading from and studying the Book of
Mormon. She is soaking it all in like a sponge. Deborah is what us
missionaries like to call.. A "golden investigator". The best part is,
the ward loves her and she is helping to reboost the excitement for
missionary work within the ward. I already love Deborah so much!

On Sunday, We drove all the way to Valprasio Indiana for stake
conference. It was a looooong drive but it was all worth it, because
Deborah was able to come! She loved every bit of it and is progressing
so well. I can't believe we just met her last week... She is as happy
as can be! The gospel truly does bring so much light into the lives of
others. There is a reason behind everything we do in the gospel. I
know we are laying the foundation of a great work as we place Jesus
Christ in the center of our lives. I love you all and I hope you have
a great week! There are so many stories to be shared... Just not
enough time!

Sister Rachel Parke
My kind of lunch! Yum!

New Hair cut! 

Our "Golden Investigator" Deborah! Love her!
Yes it was a floral outfit kind of day I guess):)

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