Monday, September 12, 2016


Hello Everyone!

The weather is starting to cool off here and the leaves are starting
to change! I can't believe fall is just about here! What a week it has
been! Sister Quezada and I have been so blessed and we are witnessing
many miracles. I don't even know where to start!

When I first got into the area we started working with a less active
who had not come to church for a long time due to some health
problems. We did a lot of service for her and started to establish a
relationship with her. One of the things she had stopped doing was
reading her scriptures and saying her prayers. We invited her to start
doing those things again... Many many spiritual experiences later.. We
invited her to receive a priesthood blessing to help her recover so
that she would not be in so much pain. The elders came over and gave
her a blessing. This week she called us SO HAPPY, and that we needed
to come see her as soon as possible. We rushed over there and she was
standing and walking and was a whole new person!! It was an experience
I will never forget. She said that she will be back at church, and
going to the temple, and she is just so grateful to God that she is
healed. Her exact words, "this is the only time in my life I have been
able to pinpoint and exact answer to prayer. This experience has
strengthened my testimony and relationship with God." It truly was a
miracle brought forth by her faith.

On Wednesday everything seemed to just fall into place. Sister Quezada
and I have been praying SO hard to find PREPARED people to teach.
Heavenly Father is blessing us so much. We got a new investigator this
week and had an amazing lesson with her. When we first arrived she
started telling us about her love for Jesus Christ and how strong her
faith is in him. She is SO SO faithful and studies from the bible
everyday. She said she has gone from church to church searching for
the truth.. But just hasn't found it yet. Deborah prayed to God to
tell her where to find the truth and then she was lead to contact the
missionaries. We had a POWERFUL first lesson with her... The spirit
was so strong, I don't even remember what I said.. She cried tears of
joy the whole lesson. When we introduced her to the Book of Mormon and
read moronis promise she looked me in the eyes and said... I already
know this is true. My testimony of the Book of Mormon grew 100x in
that moment and the spirit was so strong I could not deny it. I KNOW
without a doubt in my mind the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and
there are so many people who are seeking for the truth. Deborah was so
grateful to know there is a prophet of God on earth today. Her cute
little 9 year old granddaughter was there for the lesson and at the
end she asked..."can I get one of those books too?" She has a big
family, and she said next time we come over we can teach them all!
Probably one of the most tender experiences I have ever had was when
we started explaining how families can be together forever.. And she
started crying again... And she said, you mean I will get to see my
baby daughter again who passed away? It was a blessing to have born my
testimony to her that yes.. Because of Jesus Christ, we all will have
the opportunity to live again. I cannot deny the spirit of God in this
work. I am merely an instrument in his hands, and it is the most
rewarding work I have ever been a part of.

This weekend was UNFORGETTABLE. Sister Quezada was sealed to her
family! A special experience as a missionary! We drove up to meet her
family on Friday afternoon... They were all in tears because they
missed her so much and it was a sweet reunion. I left her with her
family and I stayed with some sisters in the area (sister Stevenson &
sister Green). We had such a great time and taught a lot of people
Friday night. Saturday morning we went to the temple and had the
opportunity to do an endowment session before the temple sealing.. I
was in the celestial room with sister Quezadas parents right before
the sealing. They were both in tears. It was such a sweet experience.
I can only recall a few times where I have felt the spirit so strong
in my life. Seeing the Quezada family kneeling across the alter and
being sealed together for time and all eternity was a surreal moment.
I can testify that the family is the central unit of eternity... And
that families are forever. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had
to attend the temple. So many of my personal prayers were answered. I
know that there is no greater power in the world than to bind families
for time and all eternity.

Sunday was amazing. Deborah and her granddaughter came to church!!
Deborah was enthralled the whole time and kept saying that she only
had one regret "not coming to this church sooner." She kept talking
about how she kept seeking for the right church.. But the right church
wasn't a specific building. She was looking for the true followers of
Christ.. The gathering of the saints. Deborah has such great faith.
She has been reading from the Book of Mormon and already has a
powerful testimony of it. Sunday school was all about baptism she had
so many questions. We had a luncheon after church and she bonded with
the women in the ward.. And tonight we are going to have dinner and
FHE with Deborah and some of the ward members! I am so excited for
Deborah and her new journey. The Lord is ever so aware of his
children. I love this work. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be
a part of it!

Have a great week!!

Sister Parke
Temple day for Sister Quezada with Sister Stevenson &
Sister Green

So super happy for Sister Quezada and her family!

Pictures from their sealing day!

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