Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Manner of Happiness

Hello Family and Friends!

This week has been a week full of miracles for sure! The lord is
blessing us with so many people to teach. Our investigators are
progressing well and it is such an exciting time! Our new mission
president arrives on Thursday. We will be taking his daughters on
splits that night! I am looking forward to meeting their family! We
have a busy next couple of weeks ahead of us especially with all of
the new change! HAPPY NEWS.
IM NOT GETTING TRANSFERRED!! When I found out it literally was the
Happiest moment of my whole life.  Sister Webber and I are stayin
together! Prayers are ANSWERED!! It is truly a gift from God that we
get to stay together! The APs were tellin me that I had been in the
area for a long time and that we had been together for a long time and
that it was obvious that we would be separated... I was SO SAD! I
didn't feel like I was done yet in this area and there was no way I
wanted to leave sister Webber. I may have had slight anxiety about the
fear of being transferred! Buuuut God answers prayers. I am so so so
grateful for the opportunity that I have to stay here and serve with
sister Webber!! God has so much work for us to do in this area! (:

Also... VERY HAPPY NEWS. Jess has made the decision to be baptized on
July 23rd!!! We had an amazing lesson with her all about the atonement
and the importance of taking upon ourselves the name of Christ. It was
very powerful, we also discussed baptism.. However Jess was still
feeling unsure about deciding a date. We urged her to continue to pray
and study the scriptures. She called us Tuesday night crying saying
that she had received her answer as she was studying from the Book of
Mormon and that she wanted to be baptized. She said "this is one of
the happiest moments I've ever felt! I am so filled with love and
joy."  sister Webber and I were jumping up and down... Laughing...
Crying... When you love someone so much, and they feel of the
happiness the gospel brings it truly is the BEST feeling in the whole
world. I wouldn't trade it for anything else.. I am so grateful that
God blessed me with the opportunity to be a part of it!

On Saturday we participated in a huge service project called "Chicago
cares". It was the best experience! We went with members of our ward
and Jess also came with us! We traveled down to the south side of
Chicago and painted an elementary school. It was so much fun! Even
though we were insanely hot and sweaty we were very happy!

This week in my studies I have been pondering about happiness. Aren't
we all seeking happiness? God created us to be happy! But what is true
happiness... And how can we obtain it? The answer is simple. The
gospel of Jesus Christ provides joy and happiness through obeying and
keeping the commandments! I was studying this week in 2 nephi chapter
5. At this point in the Book of Mormon the people had centered their
lives upon gospel truths and "....[they] lived after the manner of
happiness” (2 Ne. 5:27). Even though these people lived so long ago,
the principles and simplicity of happiness still applies to us today.
Heavenly Father loves us so much, and he wants to bless us!! He has
promised that he will bless us as we live righteously and obey the
commandments. I have a testimony that true joy comes from living the
gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully and giving our will to him! I know
God hears and answers prayers. I am so grateful for the opportunity to
participate in this sacred work. The gospel changes lives.. By
teaching the pattern of peace.. We are blessed with true joy! I have
felt of this happiness, and desire to share it with others. When we
share the goodness of the gospel, the joy that we feel becomes even
greater! I invite you to pray for those around you who are searching
for happiness, and reach out to them in love, and share with them your
testimony of gods plan for his children! I promise that the Lord will
work through you to bless his children.

I LOVE being a missionary here in Chicago! Keep praying for the
missionaries all over the world to find those who are prepared to
receive the gospel. Have a wonderful week!

Sister Rachel Parke

Chicago cares project
Know that I have learned to knit, all of the elders are requesting
"knitted ties"
Investigator cara taking my vitals for EMT class!

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