Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm all out of Lies...

Hello Family and Friends-

The letter that follows may be hard to believe.. Trust me when I say
I'm all out of lies... I've got nothin but the cold hard truth. Ive
nearly escaped my ways to say I've died this week. Barely avoided
being hit by a crappy purple scion downtown Chicago. Got a blessing
sent from above aka. I was pooped on by a bird. Yeah.. It was
DISGUSTING. Right after I got out of the car... It hit me... All over
my hair.. And dress! Sister Webber could not stop laughing.... It was
pretty much the worst! Looking back now though it's pretty hilarious.
Oh. And ps. I'm going to the doctor today because I have a boil on my
forehead. But hey, all is well that ends well.. And we had an amazing
lesson with Michael and he is on date for July 28th!

On Tuesday we went on exchanges... I went to sister Davis's area. We
saw many miracles! We didn't have any appointments scheduled so.. That
meant referrals and finding! It was Super great we WALKED a lot a lot,
the lord was literally placing people in our path. We prayed to know
what direction to go, and what referral to contact.. So we headed on
our merry way... As we got to the referral a saw a woman walking down
the street... And guess who it was... CARA!! Out of all the streets,
out of all the people... We bumped into cara! It was so great we were
then able to go to her house and have a lesson with her! It was the
coolest miracle ever.

We started a new institute class with Jess this week. She has so many
questions and such a strong desire to learn it inspires me! She helps
me to strengthen my own testimony! I love her so much! We had a great
lesson with her this week, one of our recent converts joined us and
shared her testimony a bout when she was baptized.. It was so
powerful! Jess is working towards finishing the Book of Mormon before
she is baptized.

On Saturday we drove down to Indiana for a baptism of someone that
sister Webber helped teach! It was so great to see my old companion
sister Patterson.. And also to get my experience of Indiana! It's a
whole lot different than Chicago! That night we had an appointment
downtown with one of our investigators. On our way back home we
witnessed a miracle! So.. We were waiting for the train... And the
line we needed just wasn't coming! Turns out the girl standing right
next to us was having the same problem! We started talking to her and
ended up hoping on another random train.. Anyways, long story short we
got to know her better throughout this confusion with the trains. Her
name is Bethany and she is studying world religion! She working
towards her doctorates and has heard about Mormons before but hasn't
studied it too in depth. She wants to meet up to learn more this next
week! She is the sweetest girl. God has definitely prepared her to
learn about this gospel and the truth it contains! The lord is
blessing us in so many ways!

I had an enlightening moment this week when everything just seemed to
"click" in my mind. I was sitting on the train thinking... How does
God know and understand all of these people?... And not only that! How
are we all children of God? I thought about this long and hard... Did
I truly believe that? This is something that I teach EVERYDAY, but I
had a slight moment of doubt and questioning. It then hit me... Like a
ton of bricks. Almost as if a voice in my head said..."I KNOW them and
I LOVE them." There is such a power that comes from knowing we are
literally children of God! We are his children and he loves us more
than we can comprehend. Heavenly Father has a body of flesh and bone,
we (as spirit children) wanted to become like him, but we knew we
couldn't progress or receive a body unless we came to earth. God knew
this from the beginning and he presented a beautiful plan! We would
come to earth and receive a body to be tested and tried. THE WHOLE
PURPOSE OF THIS PLAN is ultimately so we can return to live with God
again. But... Things will be different! We will have our families and
resurrected bodies, and will be able to eternally progress. The power
and beauty of life is incredible. So back to my original question...
"How does God know and understand each and everyone of us?" Because we
are HIS. When this finally "clicked".. The knowledge I have been
taught my whole life... This spirit just hit me so strong. It was
almost as if I had an awakening moment that God was telling
me.."Rachel! You are to be an instrument in my hands in reminding my
children who are lost or who have gone astray of who they truly are."
The plan of salvation is so simple, yet it can never be fully
understood. How great and wondrous are the works of God. This life is
so short. We can't comprehend the happiness we will feel of when we
are reunited with our loving parents in heaven! I have testimony of
Gods merciful plan. I bear witness that he knows and loves each and
everyone of his children and wants them to turn to him.

Well. As you can see it has been an eventful week. I can't believe
this transfer is almost over! Thank you for all of your support!! Love
and miss you! Have a great week!

Sister Parke

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