Monday, June 6, 2016

Catch the Vision

Hello Everyone!

It's JUNE!! I can't believe it. This has been the week of meeting
after meeting after meeting! Sister Webber and I have been witnessing
so many miracles! Highlights this week... God blessed us with some
solid new investigators that we are very excited about. My grandma has
been with me the whole week and has sent so many angels to watch out
for me. I even unexpectedly received a beautiful flower arrangement
that was delivered late to our apartment one evening. I know my
grandma is watching out for me. I have never felt so much peace fill
my heart! Needless to say, I have had a great week!

We attended institute with Jess on Thursday evening and it was so
incredible! It was all about standing as a witness of the Savior Jesus
Christ and what it means to bear testimony of him. The best part of my
whole week, is when the whole class (all five of us) bore our
testimonies to one another. Jess was last to bear her testimony... And
it was SO POWERFUL. The spirit was very strong. Jess has made so many
changes in her life and is so much happier!! She has righteous
desires... And strives to do good and to be good. I love her so much!
It is so crazy to think that I only met her less than two months ago
and she has learned and progressed so much! The gospel truly does
change lives.

On Friday, We had our Last mission council with president Woodbury. I
am going to miss him so much! The whole mission leadership was Tearing
up as we talked about turning our hearts over to the new mission
president! It is so bittersweet! Change is so hard! I feel as if I am
going to be separated from my parents all over again! Despite the
sadness, I am looking forward to president Bingham and all the
excitement and new perspective he will bring!

We met with our new investigator Hannah this week. She is the most
sweetest girl! We contacted her a couple weeks ago on our way to one
of our appointments. We finally were able to meet up with her and give
her a church tour! We were also able teach her about the restoration
and the Book of Mormon! She loved it! She is so prepared and I know
the lord has placed her in our path for a reason. I love sharing the
light and the knowledge of the Book of Mormon! It provides so much
clarity to the life of Jesus Christ!

Sunday was a day full of many miracles!! As a mission, and as a stake,
we prayed and fasted for member and missionaries to work together..
And that the missionaries would find people to teach. I have the a
strong testimony of fasting and I know when we exercise faith and take
it to the Lord he blesses us! Our prayers were immediately answered.
During our first session of church we received a text from a random
number saying that he was in town visiting and had run into a woman
who was interested in the gospel. So, he looked up the nearest church
building and brought her to church! We were able to teach her (cara)
the restoration and introduce her to the book or Mormon. She is
genuinely interested and said that this is exactly what she needs at
this time! So happy! The Lord has people who are prepared to receive
the gospel... We just have to have faith enough to find them!

If that didn't make Sunday the best day ever... We had dinner and a
lesson at the bishops house with one of my favorite people ever...
Jess! I feel like all of my emails are explaining how incredible she
is... But it's just so true! She amazes me! She is progressing SO Well
and the transformation and change I have seen in her is so inspiring.
We also fasted with her this Sunday to help her strengthen her
testimony. We had two less actives that we have been working with come
to church! Not to mention, they both bore their testimonies! It was
the best feeling to witness them feeling the spirit once again in
their lives and how much happier it makes them! Also on Sunday, the
Branch presidents wife gave us a solid referral for YSA branch. I am
telling you, God answers prayers!!

So, remember the guy named Michael who we contacted last Sunday
evening? This is pretty cool story, we met with him again tonight and
he has been reading from the Book of Mormon. We asked him why he
wanted to learn more.. And he said.. Because I have seen you before...
YOU-pointing to me- gave me a card about Jesus on Easter. He then
pulled out of his backpack the passalong card he was given on
Easter... Sure enough with my handwriting on it! So, he said when we
contacted him a second time, he knew he needed to learn more. Awesome!
So we taught him the restoration and he was pretty receptive to the
things we were teaching him. He is seeking truth and is very devoted
to God.

I am so grateful for he opportunity I have to be a missionary. The
Lord teaches me so much each and every day! I know the gospel is true!
I hope you have a wonderful week! Thank you for your love and support.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sister Parke

My favorite quote this week:

"Don't think you are just minding the shop waiting for the Saviour to
come...the spirit of this work is urgency, and we must imbue our
missionaries with the spirit of now. N-O-W. We are not just waiting
for natural slow growth. We must move more rapidly. We must take
things up a notch. If we have to call down miracles or angels, then
call them down. The drama is unfolding and we must do whatever it
takes to ratchet up the work...I feel an incredible sense of urgency.
I feel such a sense of urgency in my chest that I can hardly breathe.
Every dispensation begins with a vision. We must have a vision. We are
the church that dreams dreams. We are the church that has visions. We
must believe in miracles. We are going to putter along, be
average-until we wind up to the level when our heart is up in our
throat and if we opened our eyes, we would expect to see angels...if
this is God's work, and if He still lives, then miracles and angels
are still there. We must live up to our potential. God will bless us
with whatever we need. God wants us to see just what He sees and know
what He knows. He wants us to ratchet up the vision. God is easy to
please and hard to satisfy... This is not convenient, easy work. We
have got to take things to the edge. We have to move into the realm of
the miraculous. We have to live in such a way that we cannot do it
alone anymore-where we will resort to the Lord-where we will cry,
"without thy help, I will fall," "help me fly." Go to the edge where
miracles happen. Move in to the realm of the miraculous. Have full
faith. Believe in angels. With the power of the priesthood, push the
envelope. Welcome to the apostalic work." -Elder Holland

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