Monday, May 23, 2016

Mormon Missionary

Hello Family and Friends!

This week was absolutely incredible. SO many miracles. On Monday
evening, We had a very nice dinner with President and Sister Woodbury
in the mission home with our investigator Tim. We were able to have a
really great discussion about following the Savior and how we desire
to follow him and strive to become like him. Tim has made SO much
progress, and he has such a desire to do good and to be good! The only
thing holding him back is the commandments.. So we are working with
him on that!
After our appointment with Tim, we rushed off to our lesson with Jess.
Hands down, one of my most favorite lessons of my mission and I don't
even have words to describe it! We taught Jess about the word of
wisdom, but really it morphed into a lesson all about obedience and
the blessings we receive from our willingness to obey. Jess has
completely given up alcohol and coffee cold turkey... Even before we
taught her the lesson! She is incredible. We then talked about fasting
and the power of fasting. I received such a strong witness that God
truly does bless those who obey and honor his commandments.

On Wednesday, We met with a man who is an ultra marathon runner.. And
when I say ultra marathon runner I'm saying he runs a marathon at
least twice a week. It's craaaazy. Anyways when he was in SLC running
a marathon he took a tour around temple square and referred himself to
the missionaries. We were able to teach him more and answer many of
his questions as we gave him a tour around the church building!

We have been meeting with a girl who just moved here from Nigeria two
weeks ago. She is incredible! We have been helping her to find a job
and also housing. She is such a sweet girl and I already love her so

On Friday evening we had the opportunity to attend the temple with
Carleen for her first time to do baptisms. Wow, I feel so blessed to
have been part of such a sacred experience. There is just something so
different going to the temple as a missionary... Especially with those
you have taught and love so much. Being in the temple with Carleen
tonight was such a sweet experience.... The happiness and spirit that
is felt is so strong. Carleen said she felt so much peace... And how
different she felt in the temple compared to the outside world. She is
so incredible and I know the lord has SO many things in store for her.
When we were talking afterwards Carleen said, "I can't wait til I can
go through the temple." Wow. It was in that moment that I realized....
This is the GOAL the whole purpose of Gods plan.. For ALL of his
children to make these important and sacred covenants with him. We are
all on the same path.. The path leading to eternal life! I am SO HAPPY
for Carleen... She is making the right decisions to draw her closer to
Christ. Ahhh I love her so much!!

The best feeling as a missionary is complete exhaustion! Saturday was
definitely one of the busiest days of my mission!  We had 5 lessons
and back to back. We met with two of our investigators... Two less
actives and one of our recent converts! Talk about busy day! We were
downtown allll day which meant ALOT of walking. I tracked it on my
Fitbit and sister Webber and I walked 10 miles! It was an absolutely
beautiful day everyone just seemed happier.. I know I was! We got to
have a lesson on the beach! Who doesn't love that? I love being a
missionary even MORE when it's warm outside. So we were on the bus
home and started talking to two ladies.. We started explaining that we
were missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,
and one of them said "MORMONS?? The Mormon missionaries!?" Sister
Webber and I were a little shocked.. Ha we nodded our heads a little
nervous. She threw her hands up in the air and said, "I LOVE THE
MORMONS! My son is a mormon!" She then whipped out her phone and took
a picture of us and said "I can't believe I came across THE Mormon
missionaries." We exchanged information and she wants to meet up
sometime! The Lord is so good. If I could only record all of the
blessings and miracles we witness!

Very busy week, and looking forward to the next! There is always
something to find joy in! I love and pray for each one of you! Hope
you have a wonderful week!!

Sister Parke

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