Monday, July 18, 2016

Hello from Chicago!

Hello Family and Friends!

Another week come and gone! July is flying by so quickly! I can't
believe we are halfway through the transfer! Sister Webber and I had a
great week and witnessed so many tender mercies and MIRACLES. I have
never been more completely EXHAUSTED than I have been on my mission.
But it's such a good feeling because it means we are workin hard! So
I'll just jump right in on my week play by play.

Tuesday was a day where I'm pretty sure global warming might be a
thing. It was H-O-T. In the morning we had a Zone correlation meeting
with the zone leaders and district leaders, talking about the
direction the zone is heading and how we can become better leaders in
the mission. Afterwards we had a lesson with our new investigator
named Zoe. Sister Webber and I met her on the street about a month
ago. This was our second time meeting with her and we taught her about
the plan of salvation. She said that it answered a lot of her
questions that she has been having about the purpose of life. She has
been reading from the Book of Mormon and is coming to institute on

Thursday we had Zone training, sister Webber and I taught about
"working smarter not harder" and encouraging the zone to try different
approaches to find new investigators. President Bingham talked about
exercising self control and making our telestial bodies obey our
celestial spirits. We will be getting back online via Facebook...
President Bingham has felt strongly to make a huge push for it. Our
mission 1 in 5 in the whole world designated to use social media to
hasten the work!  So, we will see how this goes!

A couple weeks ago we were on our way home from appointment and
contacted into a woman named Agnus. We were able to go over this week
and meet her cute family and teach them about the gospel. They just
moved here from Nigeria, and have such great faith! Agnus agreed to
read from the Book of Mormon, however she is a little hesitant about
committing to anything. We will continue to work with her, however
eventually we will have to pass her off because she isn't single!

Friday was great! We have gotten pretty close with the twins Annie and
Missy, and since they are out of school right now they tag along with
us to lessons! They came to a lesson with Sunny. It was awesome!! He
has such incredible faith! He has been reading from the Book of
Mormon, and has accepted the baptismal date of August 27th! I am very
happy for him!

We had a great Lesson with Diamond. We taught her about the gospel of
Jesus Christ. Diamond needs the gospel in her life... Especially now
at this time! She has been praying to know if the Book of Mormon is
true, and she says she feels peace when she reads from it. We are
helping her to meet with stake employment specialists to get her a new
job, so hopefully she will be able to come to church on Sunday! We
talked a lot about baptism and it is something she is working towards!
She is coming to Jess's baptism on Saturday! It will be a great
experience for her.

Saturday evening we went to visit with Annette, I'm tellin you this
girl is on FIRE with referrals. A couple weeks ago she brought two
friends to church, and we taught them the restoration, and they are on
date to be baptized on Saturday! How awesome is that? This time she
introduced us to her friend Elizabeth from work. We were able to teach
her about the Book of Mormon. She committed to read it and come to
church next week! It was AWESOME. Annette is incredible, she just sat
there and testified to Elizabeth how the Book of Mormon would change
her life and help her understand Jesus Christ. Annette makes me so

We finished off a good long week with speaking in church on Sunday. It
was an insanely busy day! So many miracles. Michael (man from Mumbai)
came to church... And LOVED IT!! Sunny also came to church! I am so
happy for them! The branch is growing in so many ways. The lord is
literally bringing people into the fold.

Jess has been going through a lot of rough stuff lately! Satan is
working REEEEAL hard on her as her baptism gets closer and closer. I
am just amazed by her faith and her desire to do what is right and to
keep the spirit in her life. She is incredible. She will be getting
baptized THIS SATURDAY. I am uuuuubbbber excited!!! She has worked to
gain her testimony and it is POWERFUL. She finished the Book of Mormon
this week and has received a confirming witness that it is true. This
evening we have the opportunity to teach her in the mission home with
president Bingham and his family. I am really looking forward to it!

Well folks. Quite the long run down of the week. Phew. Let's give it
ago this week! Missionary work keeps a goin, and blesses so many
lives. We have been focusing a lot on inspiring our members and
helping them recognize the importance of missionary work and sharing
the gospel! It definitely something that is a slow process but I know
over time as the members strengthen their own testimonies it will help
them to have the desire to share it with others.

Have a wonderful week!! Thanks for all your love and support!!

Sister Parke

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