Monday, March 28, 2016

Home away from Home

Hello Family and Friends!

Happy Easter!! I sure miss you! My Easter was really good. We were
spoiled at church with three easter baskets, and two investigators,
and 6 less actives! This week has been a real crazy one... we ate real
authentic Chinese/Taiwan food, got hit on by a Jewish/Christian girl,
handed out 150 Easter eggs with Jesus Christ cards, ate two falafel
sandwiches on the same day, went to the temple, got bit by a parrot,
caught downtown in the worst rain storm, participated in a church
auction, preformed in sacrament meeting and got kicked out of the
train station for talking to people about Jesus...needless to say I
don't even really know where to start.

My most favorite part of the week is when we were able to attend the
temple with one of our members in the SA branch. We went Saturday
morning and it was the last session before Easter Sunday. I LOVE THE
TEMPLE, it is literally my home away from home. It is all centered
around Jesus Christ. The temple is such a holy place. A refuge from
the world... A place to go and to feel peace and close to the savior.
My love for the house of the lord has gown as I come to understand the
blessings we receive from righteous temple attendance. I testify that
the temple is a place to go to receive answers. I am so grateful that
I am able to learn and understand how to receive personal revelation
and seek guidance from the lord. The temple is a place of
learning...the spirit is there to teach and guide us. It was confirmed
to me once again that I am exactly where the lord needs me to be,
doing exactly what he needs me to be doing. There is no better feeling
than that. During this particular endowment session the spirit was
able to teach me so much and I gained an even greater understanding
and appreciation for the savior and what he did for me. I know without
a doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ lives. I love the savior with all
my heart and I am extremely humbled to have the opportunity to serve
and represent him.

This week, as I studied the Saviors final week, I just felt so much
gratitude for all that he's done. It really is incomprehensible how he
was able to take upon himself all of my sins, and my afflictions, my
inadequacies, and my infirmities, but yet somehow he did! I know it in
my heart! Sometimes as a missionary it gets hard because you feel like
you're doing everything you can to be obedient and to work hard, and
yet you still are rejected over and over again, and people get angry
at you, and your investigators will drop you, but I find comfort
knowing that the savior did everything he could to follow the will of
the father, and yet he still asked " my God my God, why hast thou
forsaken me?" sometimes it's after all we can do, and when we feel
utterly alone, we are given the opportunity to prove that we will
still choose God and be obedient even when it makes no sense. "Oh
sweet the joy this sentence gives, I KNOW that my Redeemer lives!"

The message of Easter... Is that all the separation is temporary.. We
can live in heavenly fathers presence and be reunited with our loved
ones. We go to the temple to prepare to return home. There are great
blessings that the lord has to give us. The atonement is the single
most important event in the history of this world. Because of the love
of the savior we have the opportunity to return home with those that
we love. The speaker in sacrament meeting yesterday quoted a general
authority and it really stood out to me.  "The temple is our home away
from home, it is also our way home, back to our Heavenly Father." We
are here to not only return home as individuals, but also has
families. Great blessings are waiting for us in the temple! The lord
is waiting for us to come unto him!

I love each and everyone of you! Thank you for your love and support!
Have a great week!

Sister Parke

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