Monday, February 29, 2016


Hello Everyone!

What a wonderful week! I thought Utah weather was crazy until I came
here to Chicago. We had a blizzard on Tuesday... And 65 degree weather
three days later. Excellent for contacting! I don't even know where to
start with this week... It is so much to remember! Going back to last
Monday, sooo many miracles. Just as we were about to leave for
Carleens lesson, we accidentally locked our keys in the apartment. Oh
no! There usually is a huge lock out fee and it takes a lot of time
for someone to come with the keys. Sister Patterson and I were really
worried about being late and missing our appointment. We said a silent
prayer and knew it would all work out. The first phone call we made,
the maintenance man was only 10 min away and was willing to come
unlock the door for us for FREE. What a kind spirit... And such a
miracle... Especially since it was after hours! So, thankfully we were
able to make it to our appointment on time and didn't have to cancel!
Heavenly Father is so aware of his missionaries and is always willing
to help them out even when they make silly mistakes like locking keys
in their apartment! (; anyways... We had an AMAZING lesson with
Carleen in the mission home with President and Sister Woodbury!! We
discussed the first half of the plan of salvation up to the Atonement
of Jesus Christ. We talked a lot about repentance and what it truly
means to repent and be baptized. It was so cool to have president
there to help teach her. The spirit just abides in the mission home,
especially with both president and sister Woodbury there. Carleen was
very receptive to the message and is progressing well. She is very
interested to learn learn learn! Also very committed. Her concerns are
with her family, not too sure how they will react with her decision to
join the church. We are continuing to meet with her and have another
lesson scheduled tonight at the mission home with president and sister

Tuesday, we met with Brianna again for the second time and taught her
about the plan of Salvation. She is very interested in learning about
how the bible and the Book of Mormon support one another. She is not
willing to come to church yet, but is willing to learn more and has a
lot of questions. Brianna has so much faith in the Lord and reads the
bible diligently everyday! Pray that her heart may be softened and
opened to receiving the Book of Mormon!

On Thursday..  We had an Awesome lesson with Brie (don't get confused
between her and Brianna) she is progressing well. During the lesson
she told us that since learning more about the LDS faith she has had
more of the desire to be s better person and draw closer to Christ!
Yay! She also told us that she will randomly just feel like she needs
to read from the Book of Mormon and she doesn't know why. We are very
excited for her... She committed to coming to church, but didn't end
up coming on Sunday. But that's okay! We know she will get there next
time! Looking forward to her next lesson!

Friday, we had Sisters conference and it was one of my favorite days
on the mission so far! Maddy came and it made my whole life having her
be there! The whole conference was about how the future is as bright
as our faith, and how we as sisters need to remember who we truly are
and the responsibilities the lord has for us and also who we can
become. We reviewed the talk Plea to My Sisters and emphasized the
importance of doing the small things and He'll help us with the rest.
President talked alot about joy and being happy and how Happiness is a
present emotion. He promised that when your course is in line with God
will you feel the happiness! Which was really cool, because I was able
to have an interview with president right after the conference for my
endorsement for BYU... And I was just so HAPPY. It was a neat
experience to know that I am happy and I am doing the will of the Lord
and there isn't anywhere else he needs me to be. Speaking of

Saturday... We had such an AMAZING lesson with Morgan on Saturday. Ahh
it was sooo great! We taught him the second half of the plan of
salvation. It was so awesome to teach him about the RESURRECTION and
the role of Jesus Christ in our lives.. especially around Easter time.
Morgan's understanding and faith of the savior is increasing each and
everyday. He is definitely on the path towards baptism. Morgan is
pretty much the best! This is the happiest part... Morgan and his
girlfriend Cecilia came to church on Sunday and had such a spiritual
experience! It was awesome. We had a special musical number during
sacrament and Morgan was tearing up.. The spirit was so strong. I just
love Morgan and Cecilia! They are so great! Ahhh that reminds me...
Sunday was a crazy day..

So on Saturday late afternoon we found out that the speaker for
sacrament meeting was sick and we were asked if we would speak. Of
course, we said yes. However we didn't have time to start planning out
our talks until 10 o clock at night. Eeep! Thankfully the Lord helps
and the spirit was able to guide me as to what he would have me speak
on. The topic I felt prompted to talk about in sacrament meeting was
the importance of becoming spiritually unified for the welfare of our
brothers and sisters who may have gone astray or who have not yet had
the opportunity to hear of the gospel. I focused in on this quote....
"We must remember that our salvation is intertwined with the salvation
of others. We must care more for those who seem to care less for their

I then studied Alma chapter 31... When alma recognized the worth of
the souls of the Zoramite people who turned away from God because they
lost the faith. What really stood out to me is that he PRAYED to the
lord for power and wisdom to bring them back to the Lord. As a
missionary it is sometimes hard to have the faith and hope that when
someone has fallen away from the church that they will ever regain
that desire to return. Alma exemplified great faith, knowing that all
people are of great worth.... And went to the lord in mighty prayer
for the welfare of the zoramites. There is a good quote by Elder
Carlos E. Asay that reminded me about the importance of seeking out
those who may be lost.  “The souls of our brothers and sisters who may
seem to be more feeble and less honorable are precious. The Church has
need of them. We should make every attempt to know them and to help
them  claim the full blessings and joys of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our prayers should be as Alma’s: ‘Give unto us, O Lord, power and
wisdom that we may bring these, our brethren, again unto thee.’ (See
Alma 31:35.)

This verse of scripture really stood out to me because I'm constantly
trying to figure out what the lord would have me do to help his work
in this area. Specifically working with the YSA and the SA branch and
there being so many people who are either unknown... Or not coming to
church for one reason or another. At times it can seem overwhelming...
And not seem possible. But the Lord knows EACH AND EVERYONE of his
children... And each soul is precious to him. This is what keeps me
going... And helps me to overcome discouragement... Knowing that HE
KNOWS we (missionaries and members) cannot do it alone. This is HIS
WORK thus we are entitled to HIS BLESSINGS. I know that as we are
obedient and righteous and exercise faith he leads us along in this
work. Now is the time to place our trust in the Lord.. And exercise
our faith. I know that The Lords greatest desire is to bless his
children. I testify that as we pray for others and have the desire to
bring them into Christ... He will help us and bless us.

There is so much happiness that comes from testifying of the
Savior!!!!! This gospel is for all of us! We are all in this journey
together. I love that it matters less who we are, and who we are
becoming. I love you all! Thank you for your prayers and support!
Have a great week!

Sister Parke

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