Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The MTC Dropoff

The day finally arrived. We had packed and repacked and it was time to go. Dad gave me a father's blessing before we left. The spirit was strong and I knew all would be well. We get father's blessings each year before starting school and this was my new schooling..the mission life. We loaded the bags and hit the road. It was a quiet ride down and rained a bit. As soon as we got to Provo we went to Red Lobster for lunch and had a good time. After we came out the sun was shining brightly and we headed to the temple grounds. We went there to take some pictures and say our goodbyes. Mom said she had been praying that someone would help us take a few family pictures of us all together. We hadn't even all got out of the car before a sweet lady and her daughter asked if they could take a pictures for us. Mom started the tears going right then! We all hugged and laughed and got lots of great pictures. We took one of me with Ethan since we will go the longest without seeing each other. We did our final sibling hugs and then crossed the street for the drop off.

It was not without tears either, but I got out and instantly noticed the tag on the sister missionary that was helping me with my bags. It said she was in the Korea mission. I started talking to her about Emily Gordon and if she knew her and she did! It was a good distraction but the tears were still there. I gave that last hug to mom and dad and it hurt. I was scared. They were scared. But we did it. As I walked away I blew them a kiss goodbye and had so many thoughts running through my mind! This was it...i was doing this. And then my mission began.

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