Monday, October 19, 2015

Spiritual Gifts

Hello everyone!!!

Sister Plomgren and I have seen many miracles this week! Katy is
getting baptized on November 7th.. This upcoming Saturday! Her parents
finally decided to let her be baptized! So that was very exciting and
an answer to many prayers. Looking forward to this weekend!! This week
has been an adventure... on Tuesday we got a call from the mission
office saying that the sisters for BG2 would be living with us until
they found an apartment for them. At first it was a little stressful
but Turned out to be an has an answer to many many prayers and
fasting. I testify that this is the Lords work and he is the one in
charge. The new sister training leader, sister Geracitano, is AMAZING.
She is 33 years old and is from Australia. She goes home in less than
3 months... But she is on FIRE so many good ideas and helpful insights
from all of her experience. Honestly, I had been fasting and praying
for an answer and for someone to help me to know how to help the work
progress in this difficult area... And on Tuesday night the answer to
my prayers was sent to our area!! I absolutely LOVE sister Geracitano.
The Lord knew exactly what i needed and sent her to help lead and
guide.  I know I say this many times but the Lord hears and answers
prayers!!  I have so much to learn from sister Getacitano and i am
soaking it all in!

On Thursday I was able to have a personal interview with President, oh
how I love that man, he literally represents the gentle loving savior
and provides encouragement and comfort. President Woodbury told me
that God has called me specifically to this area for my unique talents
and spiritual gifts. He encouraged me Just be myself and rely on the
Lord for help in strengthening these talents and allowing him to guide
me in how he would like me to use them. What is so powerful is that
this work is so vast and great yet God knows each missionary as an
individual, and the Lord would has given them specific gifts for each
to use in His service. Many of these gifts are spiritual gifts.
President told me that some talents the lord has blessed me with as a
missionary In this area is the Natural ability to make people feel
comfortable, Acknowledgement of others, and Reaching out to others and
making them feel loved. I definitely rely on the Lord and strive each
day to use the talents he has blessed me with to help share the gospel
to others. The hardest part as a missionary is learning how to be
gentle but bold while sharing the truth with others. I love president
eyrings quote about being as bold as a lion.  "The Lord will give His
righteous servants opportunities to be bold as lions when they speak
in His name and as witnesses in His priesthood." What a great personal
reminder that I need to be bold when using the talents the lord has
blessed me with.

After this week I feel spiritually reinvigorated to go out there and
find people to teach.
Every missionary is different and has a different contribution to
make. No one is destined to fail!! I know The lord hears the prayers
and feelings of my heart. As I always remember him...My love for
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will be demonstrated through my
thoughts and actions. The gospel of Jesus Christ is about becoming a
better person and helping those around you. I love the simplicity of
the gospel, yet at the same time it is so complex. I have so much to
learn, but what amazes me is the mysteries of God are limitless, so
the learning will be infinite. I love the quote, "Learn everything
about something, and something about everything". How true that is,
each day is a new opportunity to learn something new and grow from it!
Speaking of learning... Rereading the Book of Mormon on my mission my
eyes have been opened to a completely different perspective.

I have been studying this week in the chapters of third Nephi and
seeking further understanding of the Savior Jesus Christ. I testify
that the Lord knows and cares for each individual; he watches
carefully over the seemingly smallest things. I see the evidence of
this each and every day on the mission. I have gained a greater love
and understanding of the scriptures; especially the Book of Mormon. I
know without a doubt in my mind the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
How critically important it is that we STUDY and ponder the scriptures
each day! The Book of Mormon is the way that the Lord has provided so
that we may share the knowledge of the gospel to many people! The
power within the book is incredible and the testimony of the Savior
provides peace and comfort. The Book of Mormon proves to the world
that the scriptures are true and that God does inspire men and call
them to his holy work.  I have come to gain the understanding that it
is truly a gift from God, and after I was able to have that mindset
while studying the book, the spirit overwhelms me with the love of God
and the concern he has for ALL of his children.

We were blessed with the opportunity to go to the temple on Friday
night to be there when brother Kappelman received his endowments. So
Many people from the ward were there to support and the endowment room
was so full they had to bring in more chairs! It was one of the most
powerful, amazing, spiritual, unforgettable experiences I will never
forget. Prior to the session sister Kappelman and I were talking in
the dressing room, she kept telling me... I can't believe we are here,
I have only dreamed of this day. After the session we were in the
celestial room and she hugged me and said.... Now the reality of my
family being sealed together forever doesn't seem so far away. The
spirit in temple that night was so strong and I received many answers
to personal questions. I know without a doubt that temples are the
house of the lord and we can receive revelation from God.

Sister Plomgren and I have really been striving to FIND people to
teach! It is difficult because everyone around here seems to be well
off and feels as if they dont need God in their lives. The pride cycle
is real I tell you. Real. Anyways. Miracle moment. We were contacting
in Walmart and after being rejected several times we began to be
discouraged. I wanted to head back and try somewhere else.. But sister
Plomgren insisted we stayed for a little while longer. I wish I could
say I put on my happy chipper face a walked up to the next person and
talked to them about the gospel. However, I needed help. I prayed to
know, "Heavenly Father, why do you want me here... Right now? I need
help to know you are there." I stood there in the laundry soap isle...
Seconds later a women behind me complimented me on my skirt... (At
this point I knew God sent her to me because... Well let's be honest
here, sister missionary skirts aren't the most attractive.) We began
talking to her and told her about our church and what we do as
missionaries. Oddly enough she said... Oh! My niece has been looking
into that church! Turns out.... This woman is MADDY'S AUNT whom she
hasn't talked to in over a year! Instant connection. It was an
immediate answer to prayers. Coincidence? I think not! There are so
many tender mercies that show God is involved in this work and aware
of not only his missionaries but the people they are teaching!

Maddy is progressing VERY WELL and the opposition of her friends and
family is strengthening her testimony. Last week I felt prompted to
write Maddys mom a letter. Explaining to her why I decided to serve a
mission. The crazy thing is, brother Austin (Connors dad) also felt
prompted to write them a letter... AND Maddy wrote them a powerful
letter. She had a long discussion with her parents on Sunday night and
they have agreed to start learning about the gospel and asked for a
Book of Mormon, and Maddy is NOW ON DATE FOR December

Diligence is the secret to missionary work. No, diligence is the
secret to life! Not becoming discouraged and remembering the purpose
of why we are here!  Rely on the Lord in all things and never give up!
Use the gifts he has blessed you with to help and bless others and I
promise you.... YOU WILL FIND HAPPINESS.

I love and miss you all! Thank you for your love and support!! Have a
wonderful week!!!

Sister Parke

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