Monday, November 9, 2015

Ministering of Angels

Hello Everyone!!!

So much has happened this week! I think I raked more leaves this week
than I have in my entire life, but the weather has been so beautiful
and I enjoyed every minute! I absolutely love fall! I am nervous for
the wintertime! Well, I'll just jump right into the week! We had a
training all day Tuesday... It was wonderful and we talked alot about
courage and being bold. Our mission is focusing a lot on contacting
people and we now have set times of every day were we need to be out
FINDING people. This is quite tricky in our area because people are at
work and school most the day and then it gets dark at 4:30! Soooo this
means we have to get creative and follow the spiritual promptings we
receive exactly! Sometimes it becomes discouraging... Buuut work
without faith.... Is dead! So we are keepin the faith and we know the
Lord will place people in our path whose hearts are being prepared to
hear the gospel.
So Katy's baptism was on Saturday... And it was wonderful!! She was so
happy! The miraculous thing was that her sister attended and decided
she wanted to learn more too! I love attending baptisms... And it's
not just because I am a missionary! What a great reminder it is to
remember the sacredness and importance of baptism. Maddy was able to
attend Katy's baptism... And the spirit just touched her. She started
crying, and told me she was so excited for her own baptism and how
special it will be. Back in September when Maddy decided to push her
baptism date back, I was a little disappointed at first. However,
looking back it has been such a blessing. Maddys testimony has grown
so much over the past few months and waiting to be baptized has given
her the time to truly strengthen her testimony and understand the
sacred covenants she will be making.
On Friday evening we had an awesome lesson with Maddy and we talked a
lot about the story of Esther and having courage. We also testified of
the importance of prayer and fasting. Just as Esther, Maddy is asking
us to pray and fast with her that her parents hearts will be softened
and they will support her decision to be baptized. Maddy has such
great faith and I know as she acts on that faith Heavenly Father will
bless her! I believe her parents will come around to the idea of her
being baptized. I absolutely love her parents and we get along great!
On Friday after the lesson Maddys mom talked with us for awhile and
then started playing the piano and we all started singing Christmas
carols together about baby Jesus. It was a really neat experience.
Patience in the Lords timing.... They will someday come around.
So really cool story! Since brother Kappelman just went through the
temple last month,   Sister Kappelman thought it would be special
experience if they went back to do sealings together as a couple as
they prepare for their family to be sealed. Sister Kappelman said that
this is the first sealing session that both her and her husband had
ever been through... Here is the cool part. The family they were doing
proxy for had FOUR children named, "Niels, anders, annaclara, and
Absolutely not. Brother Kappelman is into family history work and has
decided that before they are sealed as a family he wants to do his
mothers work so that they can all be sealed on the same day. I'm so
grateful for the blessings of the temple and the knowledge we can be
sealed together forever with our families! ❤️
Has some fun experiences tracting this week. On Saturday evening
sister Plomgren and I had about an hour before our dinner appointment
and I still needed to get 3,000 more steps to hit my daily goal... So
of course I recommended tracting to go and find some people. Sister
Plomgren seemed a little reluctant since... It was cold... And getting
dark... But being the super amazing companion that she is... She came
with me! So here we are walking down the street knockin on some
doors... Meeting people from all over the world, and no one wants to
talk to us. Which is sad, but it's okay we just sang some hymns and
tried to stay up beat. Well that lasted for a while longer... It
started to get dark... And we were cold and hungry and not to
mention... Tired. So I told sister Plomgren... Let's head back. She
wanted to stop by one last house, this time I was reluctant and may
have murmured a little. Sister Plomgren is awesome and she said, "when
you don't feel like doing it... That is when you know you must do it."
So we walked up to this door and knocked... A woman answered and we
introduced ourselves and asked to share an important message about
Jesus Christ with her family. She urgently welcomed us in. Sister
Plomgren and I both looked at each other... Thinking... Did this
really just happen? So she sat us down on her couch and gathered her
family. We told them about the restoration of the gospel and bore our
testimonies of Jesus Christ. Turns out they are content with their
current beliefs and religion... But it brought hope. Hope that their
are people who will be willing to listen to us and accept the glorious
message we have to share. That woman was a tender mercy of the Lord
for sister Plomgren and I. The Lord may not always give us exactly
what we ask for... But he will always place reminders of hope...
Little flecks of gold to remind us that he is there... Watching over
I have a personal testimony of miracles.... There are so many miracles
that go unnoticed each and every day because we fail to acknowledge
them. I am on my last few chapters in the Book of Mormon and was
studying Moroni chapter 7. This is easily one of my favorite
chapters... Full of guidance and direction of how we can follow the
example and light Jesus Christ and how he answers prayers. As I was
studying verses 24-32 the phrase, "ministering of angels" stood out to
me. The lord says he will use the ministering of angels to bring forth
and "declare the word of Christ, unto the chosen vessels of the lord,
that they may bear testimony of him." I am a personal witness that the
ministering of angels is real and is one of the most important parts
of missionary work. I feel of gods uplifting love and power each and
every day, it as if angels are round about helping to bear the heavy
load. I testify, when we go through hard times, and it feels as if we
can go no further, the lord will bless and provide a way. My
ponderization scripture for the week was D&C 6:36 "look unto me in
every thought; doubt not, fear not."  Heavenly Father knows each and
everyone of his children individually. He loves us... So much that he
provided a plan of salvation made possible through the savior Jesus
Christ so that we May return to live with him again. I encourage each
of you to share HIS gospel. Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of
our faith. He is the atoner. It is his gospel because he paid the
price. What a privilege to be a missionary and declare this glorious
message. I know this is gods work. The feelings of inadequacy are
real. But the lord knows what he is doing... He always will provide
the way.
I love you all so much. I am grateful for the mercy of the Lord and
his love and patience for all of us. All things are made possible
through him!
Philippians 4:13

Sister Parke

P.s. Here are pictures of Magdalene's baby... Benjamin. Is he not the
CUUUUUTEST baby you have ever seen?!? He melted my heart. So so sad
that I can't hold a baby as a missionary! Her husband went to Ghana
the next 4 weeks so she is all alone here with no family with the
baby. Sad right? Sister Plomgren and I are going to spend all day with
her today for Pday! HE IS SO ADORABLE.

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